New SHIBORI Little Cloud

Joy at a whole new level. $99 CAD

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Connecting heaven and earth.

The new Little Cloud kite combines exceptional flight with natural materials. So you can feel good while touching the sky.

Girl with kite
  • Organic Cotton Sails

    Strong, cotton sails have lifted kites into the sky for ages. We're bringing it back.

  • Rock Maple Spars

    Rugged maple hardwood spars create a robust frame for Little Cloud kites.

  • Easy-to-fly Delta

    The traditional delta kite is known for easy launching and stable flight.

  • Feel the Superlove

    Built so you can experience real joy, soaring your kite in the heavens.

Start a joyful practice.

Discover an ancient, joyful tradition. For thousands of years humanity has flown kites. They have been used to bless farmer's fields, make wishes, and send prayers into the wind.  Get to know your local flying spots and start a cheerful tradition of your own.

"Though people joke about it as a toy, the kite has 
carried us aloft physically as well as spiritually..."

Joseph J. Cornish, III, aerodynamicist

QUETZAL in flight.

Our Guarantee

We'll take care of your kite for as long as you have it. We promise.
Lifetime Kite

We will fix or replace your kite. Forever. Even if you lose it in a kite-eating tree.


We strive for ethical practices in every aspect of our work and materials.

Easy to Fly

Triangular, delta-type kites are renowned for their stability and ease of flight.

Money Back

If you are not happy with the kite, we are happy to refund your money.