Go fly a kite.

All you need to fly.

Every Little Cloud comes with a natural cotton sail, wood spool with hemp kite string, and a shoulder-strap bag; nestled in a slide-top wood case. 

Though people joke about it as a toy, the kite has 
carried us aloft physically as well as spiritually...

Joseph J. Cornish, III, aerodynamicist

Kiting as a meditative practice.

We believe the ancient practice of kiting can do wonders for our spirits, bringing us outdoors and into connection with the wind and sky. As adults, it is worth re-discovering kiting as a joyful practice. 

Head in Clouds, Hands in Earth

A part of our profits supports a rural school garden program here in South Knowlesville. As Little Cloud prospers, we will send further support to community gardens far and wide.

Ethical Cotton

Our kite sails are made from high thread count, low-porosity certified organic cotton. Perfect for natural kites.

Quetzal in Flight

Our Guarantee

We'll take care of your kite for as long as you have it. We promise.
Lifetime Kite

We will fix or replace your kite. Forever. Even if you lose it in a kite-eating tree.


We strive for ethical practices in every aspect of our work and materials.

Easy to Fly

Triangular, delta-type kites are renowned for their stability and ease of flight.

Money Back

If you are not happy with the kite, we are happy to refund your money.


"...opened it this morning and just loved it. It is a beautiful piece of art & flies beautifully, too..."

"So wonderful! It did not take us long to get a hang of it, your instructions are great."

"We have been flying our kite and it is really doing well. It provides a break from our worries."

"the Kite arrived...it is the most beautiful object in the world!! ...spirit taken the form of matter, through the work of the artist's loving hands!"

"...the kite is spectacular! Thank you so much."

"The magic of kites is a real thing indeed. I can't wait to have more joy and synchronicities with it, a dear friend it is."