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Optic Boom

$110.00 CAD $125.00 CAD saving $15.00 CAD
Optic Boom

Optic Boom

$110.00 CAD $125.00 CAD saving $15.00 CAD

The Kite Set comes with everything you need to fly: Kite, Milheron Spool, and Kite Quiver shoulder bag.

Little Cloud Kites are 'delta' kites, and are easy to fly. Kites come with flight instructions and are guaranteed for lifetime repairs. Kites are 48 inches wide and 25 inches tall, with a frame of Canadian hardwood spars. 

The Milheron Spool: The natural partner to your Little Cloud kite is the Milheron Spool. Robert Milheron, our skilled neighbor, helped create our signature wooden kite spools. Each spool is wound with 250 feet of super-strong hemp string.

The Kite Quiver: The organic canvas Kite Quiver comes with a shoulder strap so you can carry your kite on your back, as well as having an extra pocket for your spool. 

Kite Title: Optic Boom
Design No.023
Artist: Adam Millward

Adam's work can be found here: nexusvisions.com

Artist Statement:
"My Mandalas all start with a dot in the middle, but each one evolves differently and the end results can be quite unique depending on if the pattern is more angular or flowing, the colors, the size, the shape etc... All these differences can be seen to represent the different circumstances that happen to a person. Different family situations, schools, languages, geographic regions, economic situations, cultures etc... produce different results, but each person is uniquely beautiful and has their own "dot" of light at the center.

By doing something with passion and dedication, I think you can get results that will inspire other people. My art is meant to help each person see/seek their own unique beauty/talent/passion and together we can raise the quantum state of our reality!"

Adam Millward