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Test Blog Post (Insta)

Test Blog Post (Insta)

Three kites heading to Louisiana.

There's probably a little more story you can add here, then embed the insta code below to link back to your social. You might wonder... what is the point of this repetition?

  1. Not everyone uses instagram
  2. This way, YOU own this content (not insta/facebook)
  3. It's searchable in connection with your website/business
  4. Words matter as far as SEO goes, and so does regularly posted content.

Regarding the feature image, I had to make do with a 600x600px screenshot of your instagram post, but with the original images you can customize this. I think 800 x 800px will work well. Testing is necessary!

Now, don't get me wrong, longer form articles make ideal blog post content, I'm just trying to make the task of creating new content a bit easier by repurposing your instagram content.